What we believe in
We seek to leave a lasting positive effect. Optimizing resiliency, through investments focused on a regenerative mindset, from self to society, habitation to habitats to habits. Regenerative adventures.

Who we are

We are a privately held company in  the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. Our group is a diverse collection of founders with a shared vision to do good and leave a lasting positive effect. We have in house expertise spanning from business systems, regenerative farming, forestry, eco-green architecture, building, design, and real estate development to emergency medicine and regenerative wellness medicine to healing arts and more. Fully funded, debt free, brick and mortar and tech enabled.

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What we do

Share our teams energy and ideas, expertise. Invest in profitable ventures with clear benefit to community, serving unfilled niches.

Vision: together seek to leave a lasting positive effect. Optimizing resiliency through investments focused on universal regeneration, from habitation to habitats to habits.

Regenerative forestry: 10X benefit to forest organism. Homes, Habitat, Food Energy. A literal perpetual energy machine.

Regenerative ag: more output for less work. Happy animals. Traps carbon. Saves water.

Regenerative habitats: Simplify living, live better.

Regenerative habits: rethink our human processes, on Earth and On line.

Now combine it all into one venture and you have regenerative adventures!

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Regenerative forestry

Perpetual Energy

A foundational element to our organization is regenerative harvesting of timber. We have been inspired by one of our teachers and neighbors, Jim Birkemeier, outlined in his book,Full Vigor Forestry.

In a nutshell, by harvesting timber for tiny homes in a prescribed, thoughtful manner, we actually increase the health and bounty of the forest by ~ 6 X over 10 years. There is 6 X more timber in the forest along with improved wildlife habitat and hunting overall, arguably a factor of 10 times better.

Then these regenerative forest (and farm) habitats are sites for new tiny home communities!

The really cool thing is that this is all integrated and interconnected. There are multiple synergistic positive results from EACH ACTION! Caring for the forest and farm, creates homes, better habitat, food, hunting, community, energy and grows more forest as a side effect! Traps carbon, uses less net energy, is resilient, sustainable, self-sufficient and anti-fragile.

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For every 500 Acres of Regenerative Forestry (over 10-20 years):


Gained in Additional Timber Value


Board Feet of New Growth is Stimulated


Tiny Homes Could be Built


More Carbon Trapped !




Gained in Additional Timber Value


Board Feet of New Growth is Stimulated


Tiny Homes Could be Built


Projects and Investments

A selection of our ventures, investments, or things we are excited about....

TheNTR app

A mobile app directory of United States acute care hospitals, interfacility transport services and skilled nursing facilities to facilitate the work load of Frontline healthcare personnel.

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Natural Homes and Homesteads

Utilizing our own local timber, reclaimed materials, and regenerative forestry practices we are designing and building natural homes, including tiny homes on wheels and earth burmed homesteads. We are deploying the best green building tech to create structures that are affordable, efficient, healthy and resilient. All blended with regenerative farming & forest homestead site development across the Driftless region and beyond.

Farm to Table

We are invested in a start-up farm to table Italian Eatery & Bar in theHistoric Viroqua Public Market in Viroqua, WI USA

Regenerative Adventures
Contribute to the enduring good of our community.
Regenerate for goodness sake.