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THOW and Super Permanent Habitation and Habitats
2022 +
Chief Designer, Bryan Dalstrom
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Regenven is a company founded in 2022 by a team of builders, designers, healers, entrepreneurs and dreamers. We are based in the Middle-Earth-like Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin. We strive to leave a lasting positive effect.  

This vision is inspired by the peculiarity that the act of regenerating forests actually results in a near limitless supply of local timber. It follows that with that timber, we aim to make some of the world’s most alluring habitation. Pure spaces meant to last, meant for us to thrive no matter what may come.  So let us all thrive - the people and the planet.  ReGenerative adventures indeed.

Why Regenven?  What makes us distinctive?

*Tiny homes actually built to last, made by master builders.
*Homes, built for more rugged arctic conditions with nearby materials.
*Attention to renewable materials.  We work directly to harvest timber, taking the so-called ‘worst’ first.  We leave the biggest and boldest trees.  Through empirical data we know that this method results in a forest growing back more than it otherwise would by a factor of 10!  Said another way, by obtaining a precious building material we actually benefit the forest by tenfold.
*Our goal is to create some of the most pure interior environments possible. Every effort has been made to minimize harmful chemicals, VOCs, mold, pests and stagnant air.
*These homes are not only affordable, functional, and fun but also truly healing spaces.
*Experience with regenerative agriculture and landscaping.  Beyond home, also homestead.
*Focus on teaching - sharing our knowledge with the next generation. Master and apprentice. Partnership with area college and folk school.

Our dream is that some of our homes end up in neighborhoods back in the very forests from which they derived!  Complete the circles.           

Regenerative Adventures
Contribute to the enduring good of our community.
Regenerate for goodness sake.